We will introduce
a revolution to a smart home systems right before your eyes.


We will introduce
a revolution to a smart home systems right before your eyes.


LuON won’t limit
you in any way.

The LuON System is a solution designed for domestic users, and professional smart home installers alike. Considering both of those groups on the design stage has allowed us to create unparalleled possibilities of configuration, never yet seen ease of use and over the top stability. We doń’t want to put any restraints on you.

LuBase. In our opinion, is the best hub
to manage your entire smart home.

Blazing fast and rock-solid solution.

Exceeds competition by miles.


you won’t find anywhere else

New standard. Wired and wireless communication

The combination of two methods of communication will make your Smart Home stable – ALWAYS! Completely independent of your Internet or WiFi coverage.

LuLiNE and LuAiR - connection stability guaranteed

LuON can handle any property. Regardless of its surface area and number of floors. Incredibly reliable with long signal range. That’s what you’ll get with LuON.

LuSketches - We design automation sketches for you

This tool will help you automate your entire flat or house in less than 30 minutes! We will guide you on how to take full advantage of the Smart Home capabilities.

Lu Notification - Design personalised notifications

The list of ready-made notifications in your Smart Home is not enough for you? With LuON There are no limits. Design them Individually and adapt them to your needs! It is possible with LuON.

Our experience

is your advantage and a saving

LuON System will offer much more than existing integration solutions. How is that possible? It’s just because we know how to make use of hidden features, and how to make them available and easily manageable. We wish to share this knowledge with you. For you it’s new possibilities and more time saved, as you won’t need to search the web on how to create your desired automations. LuON will provide a comfortable experience with smart home on the highest level.

and privacy

without compromises

LuON is designed to meet the highest security standards and offers strong encryption out of the box – no additional hardware or fees are required. LuON does not need an individual account, does not want to know your data, does not want to know your location nor intends to track your loved ones. LuON is designed so that only you can enjoy it.

LuON App

is one of a kind

LuOn app will enable you to create even the most complex automations and incredibly complicated scenes for your Smart Home. Do it all with a single app in a simple way.

Download LuHome

LuON will change everything
you know so far.

With LuON smart home devices will be intuitive to use and easy to set up. Your system will always work, and you will automate it fast, trouble free and on your own. It also offers internal backup, so your settings are safe and can be restored anytime.

The LuON System was created out of immense passion for home automation, but also out of our own experience of breaking potential barriers while creating complex, often multi layered automations. We can only assure you that all that you’ve heard so far is no more than a fraction of our system’s possibilities, and that our creativity reaches way further than you can expect. Join LuON.

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