On 31 March 2022, we merged the past with the future, creating a new present!

Explore the possibilities of the LuON system

Modern home automation system

Before we started designing the LuON system, we asked ourselves a key question — what should a modern home automation system look like. Today we know that deep integration with Apple HomeKit and, consequently, Apple’s operating system, opens up a whole new way for all of us. This allows us to realise our vision of smart installations that are more geared towards the individual user, rather than global automation as has been the case so far.

When designing the LuON system, we also decided to raise the bar much higher than many of the competing manufacturers have set for themselves, and in doing so we managed to combine two seemingly different worlds — the old and not very innovative wired automation with the best features of modern wireless automation.

LuON system offers what seemingly was impossible to achieve.

Versatility through an innovative combination of hardware and software

Communication stability that cannot be found in other systems

Privacy of each user at the highest level

Multi-level encryption as standard and at no extra charge

Utilisation of the full capabilities of the Apple HomeKit system

No need to create an account or analyse user data

Privacy of each user at the highest level

No need to create an account or analyse user data


The LuON system is the first system in the world that was designed from the ground up to communicate by radio and wire. Since the vast majority of devices running on the LuON system have the built-in ability to communicate in both variants, it is only up to you which connection you ultimately choose. The LuAir protocol, with its incredibly long range and reliable operation, has been designed by us to use its potential in already existing flats and detached houses in an easy and uncomplicated way. On the other hand, we have based the LuLine protocol on a bus that is commonly used in aviation and automotive industries, thus guaranteeing an incredibly high level of operational stability. This makes LuLine ideal for newly built flats, detached houses and large-scale developments.

More about communication
  • We have taken information transfer in the LuAir protocol to a whole new level. Where many manufacturers offer message transmission via up to three devices, we have designed LuAir so that the system transmits information without limits.

  • The range of LuAir in an open space can be counted in the hundreds of metres. When unlimited message transfer is added, ranges can be counted in kilometres.

  • Unlike other radio communication standards, the LuAir protocol works with Wi-Fi networks, so they do not interfere with each other.

  • LuLine wired communication means not only high stability of connection, but also no need to use batteries in devices such as motion detectors or sensors of opening or flooding.

  • Thanks to LuLine, today the area of the investment you want to automate based on the Apple HomeKit system no longer matters. We will meet your expectations, while guaranteeing the high speed and stability of the connection you expect.


Already in the design phase, the LuON system had to meet the highest security standards and offer strong encryption right out of the box— without additional devices or fees. That’s why we decided to raise the bar much higher than was set by competing solutions that are compatible with Apple HomeKit.

In the LuON system, each device has its own individual encryption key, created in the device. To control a group of devices, another encryption key is created that is different from the individual key. This makes LuON one of the most secure Apple HomeKit compatible systems on the market.

More about security
  • Security is extremely important to us, which is why LuON offers 128-bit key encryption as a standard
  • The LuAir and LuLine communication protocols are designed to work together in critical situations. If the main bus is damaged, the devices will automatically switch to wireless communication
  • The high level of encryption does not affect the performance of the LuON system in any way


Respecting our privacy should not be a privilege or a false promise, but a fundamental right of every human being. Therefore, in the LuON system, all communication with the outside world takes place exclusively via Apple HomeKit, and in the future Matter — otherwise the system can only be operated locally. 

LuON does not require you to create an individual account on the app, does not want to know your personal information, does not want to know your location, and has no intention of tracking your loved ones. The LuON system is designed to be enjoyed by you and only you.

More about privacy
  • Because all communication with the outside world is done exclusively through Apple HomeKit, we can guarantee privacy at the highest level
  • LuON will never require you to create an account or provide any personal information
  • Our app does not monitor or send any (even anonymous) data to external services — everything that happens in your home stays in your home
  • In LuON we have also ensured that the system installer will not have access to any data after the investment is handed over to the investor — it is technically impossible
  • Is there any information we collect and catalogue? No. LuON will not have access to any information that could compromise your privacy or security


Imagine being able to create even the most advanced automations yourself with just a few clicks — without specialist knowledge or any programming skills. In the LuSketches section you will be able to browse dozens of specially prepared automation descriptions, which you can implement in your home with just a few clicks. 

LuSketches is a kind of gallery with automations that have been previously prepared by home automation specialists and described in an accessible way. Your task is just to select the automation you are interested in and click “prepare automation”. With LuSketches, you can build your smart home without any programming or home automation expertise. LuSketches will also save professional home automation companies a lot of time in designing complex automations.

More about LuSketches
  • Creating automation will never again require programming knowledge of home automation

  • Simple and clear descriptions of even the most advanced automation waiting to be implemented — just a click away 

  • Save time and money for companies who professionally install smart appliances 

  • The LuSketches gallery will be continuously developed and upgraded by us. Over time, we plan to add the ability for an engaged community to create LuSketches — all while respecting the highest security standards, of course


The LuON system project grew out of a huge passion for home automation based on Apple HomeKit, but also for breaking barriers when designing complex and often multi-threaded automations. Therefore, our system will also not lack the ability to create your own automations — those more and less complex.

However, unlike LuSketches, LuAutomation is a tool for passionates people who want to have the whole automation creation process under their own control. Thanks to people who want to break barriers, create and learn often from their mistakes, we all develop our skills and as humanity we can move forward. That’s why we want you to be able to create and amaze us with your ideas on the LuON platform — without people who are creative and strongly committed to what they do, we wouldn’t be here today.

More about LuAutomation
  • LuAutomation is a system for creating advanced automation aimed at professionals and people who want to develop their skills

  • We have made the automation creation system as simple as possible — without forgetting its powerful capabilities

  • LuON system also allows you to create automations on multiple devices at the same time — just assign access to your home to a person of your choice

  • LuON automations are stored only locally on your device and are not sent to any external cloud


At LuON we are well aware that a modern home automation system cannot exist without handling global variables. That’s why we designed LuVariables — a system for storing values and information in “variables” that will allow you to create even more advanced automations. And we haven’t forgotten that variables support should also be accessible via Apple HomeKit.

 You can forget about using uncertified solutions known from HomeBrigde and switch to a system designed by people who know how to do it right.

More about LuVariables
  • LuVariables gives you almost unlimited possibilities to create advanced automation inside the LuON system, as well as Apple HomeKit

  • By creating individual LuVariables you can work on variables with values from 0 to 86400

  • To use variables in Apple HomeKit, you only need to equip yourself with LuBridge — no additional device or subscription fees are required


When creating a system to handle automation, we at LuON came to the conclusion that we can successfully divide them into two basic categories — critical and optional. Therefore, we created LuLink, which is a direct connection between devices bypassing the main control panel. 

Thanks to the dispersion of the infrastructure supervising automation, you can be sure that even if the main control panel is damaged, you will still be able to switch on the light circuit of your choice using a wireless switch, the motion sensor will initiate certain actions or the automation system controlling heating and cooling will continue to operate. The possibilities of LuLink are almost endless and it is only up to you how you use its potential. 

More about LuLink
  • Thanks to LuLink, automations deemed critical will perform the actions assigned to them, despite, for example, the failure of the main control panel
  • LuON can act as a distributed, centralised or hybrid automation system — it’s up to you how to treat it
  • Creating automations in LuLink will not be more complicated than creating standard automations in the LuON system


Home automation devices are nothing more than a collection of many minor components put together and connected to each other thanks to the knowledge and skills of engineers. However, these devices can fail due to an overvoltage or an event that cannot be predicted. Often in such cases, a single device (or group of devices) needs to be replaced with a new one, which also involves recreating all the links in Apple HomeKit. 

LuReplacement eliminates all the unpleasantness of replacing devices with new ones by allowing you to virtually swap them. 

More about LuReplacement
  • Forget about recreating links and automation in Apple HomeKit after one of your devices fails
  • LuReplacement will save you a lot of your valuable time, which you can use for much more important activities
  • The device replacement system has been designed in such a way that anyone can do it on their own — without the need for programmers’ knowledge or technical support


Backup has long been successfully used to restore data on our phones, computers or tablets. So why not use its potential in home automation? LuBackup will allow you to easily restore your entire home settings (including automations stored on LuBridge) in a few simple steps.

Never again will you have to worry about having to recreate your entire home automation system step by step, e.g. after the main control panel gets damage.

More about LuBackup
  • A backup of all settings will be stored in the app on your iOS device, so that even the failure of the main control panel will not be a major problem
  • Restoring a backup will be as easy and fun as restoring an iPhone — just select the backup from the list and click restore

Intrigued by the possibilities of LuON?

We can assure you that this is only a fraction of what our system can do and our creativity goes much further than you might expect. Get ready for the next LuON conference, where we’ll be combining software with hardware and offering a reality check for LuON capabilities.”

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